Lockbox Key

You have two choices for accessing lockboxes:

ActiveKey – this is the option that most of our members use.  Separate device that syncs across a cell tower to reactivate it each morning.  Cost $350.  Monthly cost is included in your MLS subscription.  $50 of this is an administration fee, the remaining $300 is a lease fee that will be returned if you turn the key back in prior to the end of our current contract, which runs through 2015.  Key must be in working order when turned back in for refund to apply.  More information is available here – http://www.supraekey.com/CustomerSupport/Pages/ActiveKEY-Resources.aspx

eKey – this is a new option that most of our newer members are choosing.  You purchase a fob from www.supraekey.com that is compatible with your smartphone.  The eKey itself is an app on your smartphone.  The fob translates the blue tooth signal from your phone into a signal that the iBox can detect.  Cost is $50 – $60 for the fob, $50 activation fee, and either $17 or $24/month.   More information is available here – http://www.supraekey.com/CustomerSupport/Pages/iBox-Resources.aspx

Next Steps

To order an ActiveKey, Go to our private website https://netforum.avectra.com/eWeb/StartPage.aspx?Site=NCMMLS Click on the “Contracts & Agreements” the sixth link down on the left.  Under Other Forms, you will find a link to the Supra ActiveKey Form.  Print, complete, and scan the completed document.  Email back to bridgett.bouvier@ncmmls.net.

Contact Bridgett Bouvier at 828-687-9028 to be entered into the Avectra system.  You will receive an email verifying you are in the Avectra system.  Go back to the home page and click “How to Pay Your Bill.”  Then “Login (to pay bill) and pay for the “Supra Key Fee.”  Once you have completed your payment, you need to go back to the home screen of the private website.

Your key will be programmed and shipped to you via UPS Ground Delivery.

To order an eKey, go to the Supra website, www.supraekey.com.  Mouse over “Products” on the menu bar at the top and all their products will appear. Click on “Ekey” and scroll down to “Ekey Hardware” and click on it. Then click on “Accessories Order Form.”  It has to be printed, filled out with your info and credit card number, and faxed or mailed.  Here is a link to the order form itself:  http://www.supraekey.com/Documents/REorderform.pdf  Follow the instructions on that order form to get the appropriate fob for your phone.  You also need to go ahead and download the app for your phone.  Go to the app store on your phone and search for “eKey.”  It is a free download on all platforms.

There are two levels of service available with eKey, Professional and Basic.  For information on Basic Level Service – http://www.supraekey.com/Products/Pages/eKEY-Basic.aspx.  For information on Professional Level Service -  http://www.supraekey.com/Products/Pages/eKEY-Professional.aspx .

When your key arrives, you will need to spend about 15 minutes over the phone with Leah Bessette.  Please email leah.bessette@ncmmls.net  to set up an appointment to activate your app.  At this time, the activation fee will be charged to your credit card, and monthly payments directly to Supra set up.  You will be given a 30 digit activation code during this phone call.  This will unlock the app and allow you to start using it.  Once the app is activated, you will need to pair your fob with your phone.  Instructions for pairing the device are enclosed in the box the fob is shipped in.

Questions?  Bridgett.bouvier@ncmmls.net

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