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How to Join the Western North Carolina Regional MLS

 and the Asheville Board of Realtors


FIRST: Submit a WNCRMLS Change Request form to join the MLS. This form should be available at your company’s office. This form advises our MLS department and Board that you will be joining a firm that is one of our member firms.


The form is also available at the Board website. The web address is To access the form, your Broker in Charge must do the following:


  • Click on “Membership” in the center.
  • Scroll down and click on “Forms” and then “MLS Change Request” on the left to open the document with Acrobat Reader. Click it on the right to open it in your browser.
  • Fill out the “Add a New User to InnoVia” section. Your Broker-In-Charge must be the one to complete and submit this form to our office.
  • Hit the Submit button.  Once you are added, you will receive an e-mail advising what your login and password is for the MLS.  ONCE YOU ARE IN THE MLS SYSTEM, call Nancy Birmingham at 239-2901 to set up an appt. to come in and fill out the membership application to get scheduled for Orientation.



Joining Asheville Board of REALTORS®



If you are joining as a primary member of the Asheville Board of REALTORS® and you are not already a REALTOR® member of another Board, you must sign up for an orientation class within 45 days of joining your firm’s MLS account. If you fail to attend orientation within 45 days of joining our MLS, your Broker-In-Charge will receive a non-member bill in the amount of $1,150.00.


SECOND: Join the Asheville Board of Realtors® by calling 239-2901 to arrange an appointment. You may fill out an application at the Board office or online at Payment for the initiation fee ($550) and annual dues ($600, prorated monthly) is required at the time you submit your application. Your initiation fee covers your attendance at our Orientation Class, which is scheduled on the first Wednesday and Thursday of every month.  Class size is limited so you need to reserve a seat by submitting your membership application and paying the amounts due.


You should return your application to the Board office for review during your appointment to ensure we have all the information needed and so that we can advise you of the current cost to join the Board.  Nancy Birmingham (Director of Member Services) or another member of our membership staff will then meet with you to go over the benefits and services related to joining the Board and describe the Orientation class you will need to attend.


If you are a member in good standing with another Board, you may complete an application to join as a secondary member. Payment for the initiation fee ($100) and the annual dues ($315) is required at the time you submit your application. You must also submit a letter of good standing from your other Board.


MLS Training

THIRD:  MLS training is available at the Board every 1st Wednesday from 1:30 to 4:30. Additional Advanced MLS training is also available and the schedule will be posted on the ABR website.

No registration is needed.  If you have wireless on your laptop you may bring it to class.


Supra Keys

FOURTH: You must have a valid real estate/appraiser license and submit an IT Change Request to obtain a key. Once these conditions are met, you may call Amy Davis at 318-8889 to obtain a key.   You can either lease a key from the regional MLS or use your smart phone as you key.  See Below Options


  • Call Amy Davis at 318-8889/553-4704 and she will arrange to have a key sent to you.



  • If you have a blackberry, Droid and i-Phone, you can go to the SUPRA website and click on e-key option They will ask for your credit card and charge you an activation fee of  $50, send you a FOB to attach to your phone for $55, and they will charge you $17/mo. for the key service.  Once you review the FOB, call Amy Davis at 318-8889 and she will get your key in the system.


New Agent Checklist


_____     Submit IT Change Request


_____     Submit Board application and payment for joining Board


_____     Attend orientation


_____     Attend MLS training


_____     Order Key




Board Questions: Contact Nancy Birmingham Director of Member Services at 239-2901


IT or Firm Set Up Questions: Contact Bryan Wooding, MLS Manager at 239-2902


MLS questions (getting a key or lockboxes, MLS doesn’t work, etc.)

 Call Amy Davis 318-8889 or Bridget Bouvier 687-9028

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